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Writing on Beach

Finding Me:

A Motivational Journey of Discovery for Young People

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An Absolute Must Have

For Young People

Today & Their



& Guardians

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It is especially clear after the Uvalde Shooting that America has a generation of young people who are lost, whether it be from the decline of the family unit, Covid 19, CTR taught in schools, the lack of general career training, or the removal of religion and patriotism in schools.

At this point, none of this matters.

It has been done.

You may think you know what is in your child's heart, but do you really?

That is why, with Divine Intervention, this book was written.

Study it with your child. 

Study it yourself.

We owe America's Young People this.

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Endorsed by

Billy Gambrell


Former Wide Receiver with the NFL.

Played for the St Louis Cardinals

and the Detroit Lions.

Member of the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame and

the Athens Athletic Hall of Fame.

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